Management Team

Jason Burnette

Business Director – Agricultural Division
Jason’s primary goal is to help the people around him, both in business and in life, grow to their fullest potential. As the ultimate team player, it’s no surprise that his favorite movie is Remember the Titans. That said, he’s also proud that he can still win against his teenage kids at basketball. To learn more about Jason’s approach to business, watch his video.

Chuck Hathaway

Senior Marketing Manager - Agricultural Division
Chuck has always appreciated a good tagline, and since there are more rodents than people in the world, he figured a career in pest control marketing was a safe bet. He also likes snails, because they’re easy to catch. Watch his video to learn more about Chuck.

Ted Bruesch

Technical Support Manager
Although he claims he "stumbled into" pest management, Ted has become a widely-respected expert in the field. He thanks the Norway rat for leading him into a successful career. If he were an animal, he'd be a Tasmanian devil, because critters know not to mess with him. To learn more about Ted's 20 plus years with Liphatech, watch the video.

John Murphy

Technical Support Manager
John is a pest control expert who has been with Liphatech for almost 20 years. A natural problem-solver, he enjoys troubleshooting customer challenges and helping his customers grow their business. His favorite movie is Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. To find out more, watch John's video.

Sales Team

Jim Knuth

High Plains District Sales Manager - Agricultural Division
Friendly customers are what keeps Jim going every day. Jim’s favorite memory of his 15 years at Liphatech was finding out from the road that the company had gotten the Kansas label for Rozol Prairie Dog Bait. Watch the video for more about Jim.

Michael Brownell

Northern Plains District Sales Manager - Agricultural Division
Having grown up in it, Michael considers agriculture a lifestyle, not a job, so it’s no surprise he was recognized as Liphatech’s Outstanding Ag Field Rep in 2013. His favorite pest is the Richardson Ground Squirrel, because of how fun they are to shoot. Watch the video to hear more about Michael.

Ryan Haley

Southern District Sales Manager - Agricultural Division
Ryan's interest in agriculture dates back to his days in FFA. Although his job doesn't make use of his ability to evaluate cattle, he enjoys it for the many friendships he's built up with customers over the years. He was Liphatech's 2016 Agriculture Division Salesman of the Year, despite a laid-back attitude he believes would make him a good sloth. To find out more, watch his video.

Ross Horn

Western District Sales Manager - Agricultural Division
Ross is proud of what agriculture brings to local economies, so the most satisfying part of his job is when he meets up with customers after harvest and hears they had a good year. He loves ice cream, hates heights and thinks gophers are cool, as far as pests go. Watch his video to learn more about Ross.

Matthew Galloway

Midwest District Sales Manager - Agricultural Division
Being born and raised in an agricultural setting, it seemed like a natural fit for Matthew to come back to his roots and work in the ag industry. Living with the mantra, “If you’re not first, you’re last,” he’s constantly listening to his customers to come up with innovative ideas to solve their toughest problems. Given the opportunity to meet anyone, he’d like to sit down with our Founding Fathers. Watch his video to hear more about Matthew’s favorite Liphatech memory.

Larry Lewis

East Coast District Sales Manager - Agricultural Division
Larry's love of team sports inspired him to pick a career where he could work with others to accomplish a common goal. He enjoys learning from his coworkers and sharing what he's learned from customers and their pest control challenges. Larry doesn't have a favorite pest, because pests aren't supposed to be likeable. Watch the video to find out more about him.