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Rodents present a threat to public health. Research indicates that Norway rats, one of the most common rats infesting cities throughout the U.S., are carriers of 35 different bacteria, viruses and protozoa, posing an infection threat to people and animals. Rodent-transmitted diseases are spread via multiple routes. For example, Salmonella can be carried from a sewer to a food contact surface in a kitchen, on a rodent’s feet. Rat bite fever (RBF) is transmitted by a bite or scratch from an infected rodent. Roof rats are also significant disease vectors and can be an even greater challenge to control due to their tendency to inhabit walls, ceilings and attics. Their urine, feces and unrecovered dead carcasses can cause significant indoor odor and health problems. Rats bite thousands of people every year, especially small children and the infirm, as they sleep. Most bites are to exposed body parts such as the face and hands. Rats harm a city’s image – especially when media organizations publish lists compiled by various organizations or companies naming the country’s “rattiest cities,” whether the information is statistically accurate or not.

Rodents cause immeasurable monetary losses by:

  • Contaminating food in homes and public places with urine, droppings and germs, causing it to be discarded.
  • Contaminating pet food, causing those animals to get sick, resulting in vet bills.
  • Gnawing on electrical wires causing structural fires as well as electronic and automotive electrical system failures.
  • Causing significant fear and disgust among citizens.
  • Gnawing holes in garbage carts, trash receptacles and buildings, resulting in replacement or repair costs.
  • Undermining sewers, walls, concrete floors and sidewalks with their burrows.
  • Destroying landscapes and community gardens by feeding on plants, and burrowing to feed on their roots.
  • Severely harming a business’s brand value via word of mouth or media publicity.


In addition to the problems rodents cause, we understand cities face other significant challenges, including tight budgets, media bias, groups with agendas and political pressure. All of these factors further complicate an already complex function. Liphatech can help you improve your rodent control program.
Liphatech’s field support team has acquired years of experience in dealing with the toughest urban rodent problems. We are eager to share what we have learned with you, as we fight this public health and safety problem together.
Whether you need technical information to help you inform city officials, or site visits to help you investigate a chronic rodent problem, Liphatech can help.
Liphatech’s FREE 3-hour Rodent Control Workshop will be presented to your rat control team at your location and includes helpful reference guides. Subject matter includes:
  • Why Rodent Control ls Important
  • Disease & Damage Overview
  • Norway & Roof Rat Biology and Behavior
  • Introduction to Rodenticides
  • Understanding the Importance of Rodenticide Labeling Language
  • Rat Trapping Tips
  • Demonstration of Rodenticide Application Techniques
We also offer a FREE 2-hour Advanced Urban Rodent Prevention and Elimination Workshop. Subject matter includes:
  • Integrated Rodent Control Tactics & Tips
  • Rodenticide Issues
  • Traps & Trapping
Let us customize a FREE workshop to meet your specific needs. If you are already working with a pest control company, we can also work with them and you, to improve your rodent control program.  


Liphatech is the partner you need to prevent rodents from compromising the health and wealth of your community. To set up your FREE personalized consultation, complete the form below or call 888-331-7900.