January 24, 2020

Milwaukee, WI (January 23, 2020) – Liphatech Inc. welcomes Jason Price to the Agriculture Division as National Technical Support Manager. Jason will represent Liphatech’s full line of Animal Health Rodent Control Products: FastDraw®, Revolver®, and Cannon™ Soft Baits, Hombre®, BootHill® and Gunslinger® Blocks or Pellets, Renegade™ Meal Bait, AEGIS® Bait Stations, and Field products which include Liphatech’s Rozol® and Metarex® brands throughout North America.

Jason has several years of experience with Foster Farms as a Breeder Superintendent. He also is the president and board member of the Louisiana Poultry Federation. He brings a valuable background and knowledge to his new position. Jason will be working closely with both poultry & swine integrators supporting the Liphatech Rodent Control Product Line and working on farm troubleshooting their rodent control infestations. Jason will also be representing Liphatech at industry tradeshows, and has received extensive technical and hands on training, which makes him a great addition to Liphatech’s team of rodent control experts.

Jason attended Northeast Louisiana University with a Major in Agricultural Business, and resides in Sterlington, Louisiana.

About Liphatech Inc.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Liphatech has a long history of advancing the science of rodent control through research and product innovation. Combining the most advanced technology available with the highest level of customer service and technical support, Liphatech delivers solutions that allow livestock and agricultural producers to quickly achieve the cost-effective control of rodent populations. Liphatech specializes in servicing the agricultural and animal health markets with products: FastDraw, Revolver, Cannon, Hombre, BootHill, Gunslinger, and Renegade rodenticides, as well as the “fast-to-service” Aegis® line of bait stations. For more information about Liphatech, or its innovative line of products, call 888-331-7900 or visit www.liphatech.com.